Your Key To Melting Fat in 2019: HERBAL TEAS

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

My birthday is in a few days on Jan 17th and to think that I share my month with the one drink that I absolutely adore!

Side note: Did you know that National hair weave day and #Gettoknowyourcustomersday is also celebrated on my born date? 

To say that I drink plants sounds weird right? I think we forget that herbal teas originate from plants. So to say I drink plants daily is for real! I sometimes drink 2-4 cups a day! By far my favorite herbal tea is Green Tea! 

Look at the ginormous tea bags we have in our online wellness club we are apart of!

I tell you I love herbs and I drink 2-4 cups of hot tea everyday!

Our tea bags are so big I reuse these jokers sometimes up to 3 times 

Oh and I keep them with me and ask for hot water and lemons everywhere we go out to eat...

That’s a good wellness tip for those who take your temple seriously...

You only get one vehicle (body) in this life...plants are the best fuel choice by far 

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Time for a Hot Tea Break gotta go,

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