The Food We Run From The Most . . .

I have a question for you.   How does being physically nourished relate to being spiritually nourished?

Let’s just think about how we feel after we have eaten a large meal, packed full of carbs and fat.  Oh yes, we sure did enjoy ourselves while we were eating it, but if we are honest, there comes a time after the meal that we end up feeling heavy, bloated,  and sluggish.  That one meal that we thought we had to have, has now reduced us to a pile of mush, sitting on the couch!   We have to ask ourselves if what we are putting into our bodies is actually providing nourishment or just temporary satisfaction that will ultimately become toxic.   We all know that eating healthy and exercising will add years to our lives.  We want to be able to take our children to the park or enjoy a bike ride, but if we do not take care of ourselves, and nourish our bodies with the right things,  not only will we not feel like doing those things, we will not be able to do those things.   Eating healthy, well-balanced meals will provide the kind of nourishment that our bodies need.  When we make the decision to do this, not only will we feel like being more active, we will desire to be more active.   Poor nutrition leads to headaches, anxiety, irritability, overall weakness, and fatigue.  These symptoms will then lead to a lack of interest in doing anything because you just don’t feel like it.   However, good nutrition will bring strength, endurance, fortitude, and ability to do the things that you truly desire to do.   Let us not forget that our body craves what we feed it. 

Matthew 4:4 says But Jesus answered and said, “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”

This is the answer to the question that I asked.  Just as we must nourish our body physically, we must also be spiritually nourished.   Are we nourishing our spirit or filling it with toxins?    Are we feeding our spirit at all or are we so weak in spirit that we can hardly hold our head up?  Nourishing our spirit requires a steady diet of prayer, reading your bible, meditating on the Word, and surrounding yourself with people of like faith. 

Let’s empower ourselves to do that by staying both physically and spiritually nourished!


Your Holistic Nurse,


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