A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Sweetest Watermelon

Well well's almost the season for watermelons yay (May-Sept!)

Watermelons are by far my absolute favorite fruit!

I literally can eat a whole one by myself (I know a little healthy overload on the cool right!)

I am from a town called Columbus GA and my parents are from a little bitty small town called Richland GA.

Man, my cousin Krystal and I would live for the summers!

We would go and pick plums, muscadines, peaches and ooooh I loved me some watermelons as a kid and still do!

When I would go with my dad he would always make us some homemade peach ice cream and I would eat some watermelon on the side ahhhhhhh I can taste it now....

Anyway because my dad was and still is a country boy he taught me a lot about farming (although I can not even keep an IVY plant alive lol.)

I probably have past a black thumb, maybe a purple one....

Learning how to keep a garden is on my list of "Things I want to do before I go to eat watermelons in heaven!"

So if you have some easy tips on how I can get started let me know...

Until then enjoy these 5 Quick tips on how to find a sweet, ripe, and juicy watermelon from my Papa !

Look for a brown stem (when it’s still green it means they may have picked it too soon.)

Check for a yellow patch on the bottom(indicates the watermelon had time to bathe in the sun.) 

The bigger the yellow patch the better (the more yellow the more ripe.)

Press on the watermelon for a little give (you do not want it too hard if you like them really sweet.)

P.O.P. the watermelon (I mean tap it with your knuckles...) At this point you can really act like you know what you are doing right…what my Dad always said was “ Jan you want that watermelon to sound like it has an echo like an opera singer or it’s hallowing lol!” In other words if its hallow sounding then it has water in it…

I don’t know about you but I want a sweet watermelon that is full of juicy water that dances in my mouth!

Before I go let me do my Holistic RN duties and let you know some health benefits of eating my favorite ahhhhhmazing fruit the El Captain Watermelono...

Hope you enjoyed reading about how to pick the sweetest watermelon according to James Walton my Papa!

Share this post with some fellow watermelon connoisseurs... 

Comment below to let me know what your favorite fruit is and what holistic health tips you would like me to share...


Your Holistic Nurse,

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