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Even as I type this blog post I am over here drinking me some good ole lemon water!

Call me cheap or frugal but this is what I ask for even at restaurants!

Another way I save money when I eat out is to keep herbal tea bags in my purse . So when the waitress asks me what do I want to drink, my answer is either lemon water with ice or hot water so I can drop my own organic tea bag in and have a FREE antioxidant packed drink!

Ok so back to the 5 reasons I drink warm lemon water and how my body thanks me for doing so!

1. Helps me with digestion

For years prior to my holistic health journey I had a super slow digestive system. I mean I would literally not have a bowel movement in like two days, and that became normal for me!

I don't want to hype you and get you thinking that lemon water will be the miracle or answer to your indigestion woes ok.. that is the main reason I titled this blog post Why "I" drink warm lemon water...

Drinking warm to hot liquids upon waking and before meals is not new, it's actually an ancient Asian custom that has been followed for centuries. I always used to wonder why they served hot broth before your meal at places like Osaka(Japanese Hibachi Resturants.) Americans have a bad habit of drinking a cold glass of water or soda with meals. Changing this habit alone will create better digestion of food. Limit fluid intake with your meals and you will stop diluting your digestive enzymes which are so important for proper digestion. Hot lemon water before a meal supports enzymatic activity and helps enhance your digestive abilities. It’s best to add liquids 30 minutes before or after meals, not during.

2. Immune System Booster

Before I began my holistic journey I was so consumed with work and saving the world that I hardly ever consumed foods that had the most antioxidants or vitamin C content. Instead I looked for the most convenient foods and made others more of a high priority than myself.

Lemons are high in Vitamin C and potassium. Vitamin C is great for fighting colds and potassium stimulates brain and nerve function and helps control blood pressure. I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure before I was diagnosed with breast cancer and honestly I have never been very compliant with taking blood pressure medicine. I have always been the type to want to research non-pharma ways to improve my health. I can not remember the last time I had a cold (I will not go on a limb to say ONLY lemon water has been the reason) but I will say I can tell the difference when I forget to drink it daily.

3. Cleanses the liver.

Man our poor liver has it rough. The liver is sometimes referred to as the "recycling organ."

According to LiverDoctor dot com the liver is responsible for:

The production of bile which is stored in the gallbladder and released when required for the digestion of fats.

The liver stores glucose in the form of glycogen which is converted back to glucose again when needed for energy.

It also plays an important role in the metabolism of protein and fats.

It stores the vitamins A, D, K, B12 and folate and synthesizes blood clotting factors.

Another important role is as a detoxifier, breaking down or transforming substances like ammonia, metabolic waste, drugs, alcohol and chemicals, so that they can be excreted.

These may also be referred to as “xenobiotic” chemicals.

If we examine the liver under a microscope, we will see rows of liver cells separated by spaces which act like a filter or sieve, through which the bloodstream flows.

The liver filter is designed to remove toxic matter such as dead cells, microorganisms, chemicals, drugs and particulate debris from the bloodstream. The liver filter is called the sinusoidal system, and contains specialized cells known as Kupffer cells which ingest and break down toxic matter.

Vitamin C in warm lemon water helps the liver to produce the compound called glutathione, which aids in cleansing and regenerating the liver.

See that #Popping liver in the picture above? Well back in January I and several men and women embarked on a Liver Detox journey that has forever changed the way I treat my liver. I started the year with this saying "No more crying liver" and I still feel the same way. Our liver is overworked, we need to assist it for optimum function by refraining from certain foods that overburden it and increasing foods to help cleanse it... for more information on the liver detox program and my Free 30 day Liver Planner: Click Here

4. Hydrates the lymph system

This one is very important to me since during one of my surgeries I had 25 lymph nodes removed from my left arm to be sure I did not have any lymph node involvement from the Stage 3 B Breast Cancer diagnosis I received.

Why is a clean lymphatic system necessary you ask?

You can think of the lymphatic system as the body’s drainage system, working around-the-clock to clean up and properly dispose of waste left behind by other body systems.

A healthy lymphatic system also contributes to many other major bodily functions, including(according to UnityPoint dot org ) :

Drains fluid back into the bloodstream.

One of the lymphatic system’s primary jobs is to collect excess fluid (particularly lymph fluid) surrounding the body’s tissues and organs and return it to the bloodstream. If the lymphatic system didn’t drain excess fluid from the tissues, the lymph fluid would build up in the body and cause swelling.

Filters lymph.

As lymph passes through the lymph nodes, the white blood cells attack any bacteria or viruses found in the lymph. If cancer cells break away from a tumor, they can attach to the nearby lymph nodes. This is the reason doctors will check the lymph nodes first when determining how far a cancer has spread.

Filters the blood.

The spleen filters blood, removing old red blood cells and replacing them with new red blood cells that are made in the bone marrow.

Removes impurities from the body.

The lymphatic system also helps to remove toxins and other impurities from the body, such as carbon dioxide, sodium and other byproducts of cellular feeding on oxygen, minerals and nutrients. The system helps to remove these impurities and dispose of them through perspiration, bowel movements, urine and your breath.

Fights infection.

The lymphatic system helps defend the body against illness-causing germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi. The system builds immunity by making special white blood cells (called lymphocytes) that produce antibodies which are responsible for immune responses that defend the body against disease.

5. Makes my skin #POP (glow)

I will reiterate that drinking lemon water alone I'm sure is not the only reason my skin is #POPPING. It is an accumulation of the things I have learned throughout my holistic journey. I also use some really good organic skin care products to add to the inside out reset I have been experiencing. You can learn more about some of my go to skin care products HERE.

The Vitamin C content is also responsible for building up collagen in our skin.

Collagen is necessary to keep the skin firm and young.

The natural acids in lemon juice breaks down harmful acne causing germs and bacteria.

The acidic qualities of lemon juice (Alpha Hydroxy acid) not only helps kill the bacteria but also cleanses clogged pores and reducing redness.

To wrap this up I will end with a couple of tips:

Although a side benefit to proper hydration and warm lemon water may be weight loss...

Do not expect to shred weight and ONLY drink warm lemon water.

Don’t go over board (anything in excess is not recommended)...

Rinse your mouth out with plain water after drinking lemon water to prevent tooth erosion...

Share this post with your family and friends and go pour you some good ole' lemon water "It does the body good!" I can hear your body screaming THANK YA THANK YA already :)

Your Holistic RN,

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