Compassionate Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

Feeling Stressed & Overworked? Walking a path with heart is exhausting when you don't practice self-compassion. We are all blessed with opportunities for prosperity, but must allow God to fill our cups, allowing them to overflow, or we will have nothing left to share with others. (Ps 23:1-6). At one point, I walked a path of love for others that didn't include myself and pushed myself so hard that I became ill, being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013.

​That cancer journey was not one where I survived, but thrived because of my faith in God and His word.  Through my trials, God has shown me to not neglect myself in the cause of helping His people--and the keyword is HIS people, not mine. My ministry is to teach self-compassion by achieving prosperity of the mind/soul and body. That means conquering your limiting beliefs, fostering a healthy lifestyle, creating wealth, and living an empowered life through your God-given gifts. Remember: love others AS well AS you love yourself. (Matt 22:39). We all have our stories, our testimonies that make us stronger believers and  even stronger followers of Our Great High God as we continue to press in. And one of the greatest things about followers of Christ sharing our stories together is that we get to fellowship along the way. God has PUT ON MY HEART the need to spread the word about health & wellness. 

He equipped me to lead and guide sharing circles where we can offer one another the tools and skills to build healthy lives and to maintain healthy bodies----as HIS TEMPLE. 


My courses and writings are especially helpful to those of you who have a cancer diagnosis, it runs in the family, and or you are eating foods with Chemical names in the ingredients that you can’t even pronounce.


So let’s come together, share and grow together in Christ as we read, pray, journal, and reflect on all of this wonderful material which God has written through me. And, if you happen to be in the Midland Texas area, come join us at our Prosper On Purpose Wellness Gatherings every Thursday. Or if you live in another city in the USA or somewhere else in the world, get in touch with me to gain access to my Health & Wellness Courses. After you’ve begun to understand how food that is alive and household items that are toxin free and you have Testimony, write me to see if you may be a good fit to lead P.O.P Wellness Gatherings in your area.  E-mail: iprosperinhealth@gmail.com


All of our past P.O.P. gatherings have been great successes and we have been beyond blessed by your great company, fellowship, & sharing.

So come on over next Thursday while we feast together at the Plentiful Table of Jesus Christ if you are in the Midland Texas area. E-mail: iprosperinhealth@gmail.com.



Self Compassion Strategist

Throughout Janetta Olaseni’s diverse life experience, the common themes have been a dedication to service and a passion for success. To Janetta, success means more than keeping score in a bank account, but success doesn’t necessarily exclude financial accomplishment either. Janetta believes total prosperity is the ability to use God’s ability and power to meet any need in any realm of mankind’s existence: spirit, soul, body, financially, and socially. 

Janetta is a veteran who served in the U.S. army as a Supply Tech and Combat Life Saver with an Aviation unit. While in the military after-hours she grew a direct sales team,went to college, and was a landlord. She comes from a family of veteran’s with more than a century of combined service.

Janetta has been an entrepreneur from early in life and has worked in healthcare, real estate, and sales. One business she started in her living room grew to a multi-million dollar nationally recognized company. Under her leadership she has mentored hundreds of clinicians to pursue their dreams and to create multi-streams of income.

Janetta’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies, a degree in nursing, board certification in holistic nursing, and management and leadership experience.

In 2013, Janetta was diagnosed with breast cancer. She not only survived. She is thriving with her faith in God and His word. She learned a lot through her challenges and uses her knowledge to help others activate Self-Compassion strategies. She firmly believes that PREVENTION IS CURE and when you KNOW BETTER YOU CAN DO BETTER!


Today, through P.O.P: Prosper On Purpose, LLC,  Janetta promotes the values of: 

- Relationships (God,Family, and Others)

- Total Wellness (Spirit, Mind, Body, and Finances) 

- Environment (Toxin Free Life)

with a mission to promote total wellness through biblical, nutritional, and financial education, so that individuals and families can maximize their quality of life.

Janetta is married to a humble ordained minister who is a Certified John Maxwell Life Coach and has four amazing sons. She currently resides in West Texas.


W E B S I T E    D E S I G N   C O N T A C T : t e s s a r o s e d e s i g n @ g m a i l . c o m