Certified Holistic Nurse | Cancer Prevention Coach | EntrePRAYneur

Self-Compassion Strategist 

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Have you ever wanted to feel completely alive and to thrive? To beat disease, fatigue, or get rid of that extra weight you've been hanging onto?  With my fun and engaging learning materials, I guide you closer and closer to this reality. And most of my clients / friends attain whole health and thriving by using my tried & true whole health & wellness plans. Because, afterall, health involves Spirit first, Soul, Mind, Body, Finances, Relationships, and Meaningful Careers.You could be a new believer in Jesus Christ or have been walking with Him for some time or are curious about Him to be able to come and join us!


Prosper On Purpose is my main Mission (P.O.P.), but many helpful, community groups have

stemmed from this original path to Holistic Health many years ago. All are welcome!


Here, we seek to go deeper and grow more in our knowledge and love of Jesus through

cultivating a relationship with the Holy Spirit, which then helps us gain Total Health.


Check out the blog and receive weekly messages

to help you grow and go deeper in your relationship with Jesus and gain your Total Health back!


W E B S I T E    D E S I G N   C O N T A C T : t e s s a r o s e d e s i g n @ g m a i l . c o m